Book Review: Sacrificial Lamb by Ashley Nicole

Jul 1, 2020


Sacrificial Lamb by Ashley Nicole provides a dark take on the Biblical tale of Cain and Abel, bringing their battle not only into the afterlife, but into modern day and bleeding into our world.

With a harsh look at how difficult day to day life can be for young adults and teenagers, Sacrificial Lamb begins following Katie, a college student studying to be a Veterinarian, who finds herself unable to resist the company of Matty, her childhood best friend. Matty shows up at her school and works his way into her life again, in ways that drive a wedge between Katie and her long term boyfriend, Scotty. She gives into various temptations, and as her life begins to spiral, unhelped by Matty’s advances and aggravating, she begins to self-harm and ultimately takes her own life.

Feeling guilt over her death, Scotty finds himself unable to contain his emotions and follows in Katie’s footsteps, then finds himself at the Gates to The Kingdom, where not all is as heavenly as it appears.

A turbulent and heartwrenching story with echoes of The Good Place and Cabin in the Woods, Sacrificial Lamb will keep you guessing about the motives of the “Angels” and Matty, about the sinister plot behind their actions, and about the nature of The Kingdom and Katie’s role in all of it.

The loss of innocence as we see Katie fall to temptation before she dies is well-crafted and leaves the reader feeling as helpless as the character. The sharp turns her life- and afterlife- take throughout the book will leave you guessing and hungry for more!

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