Book Review: Stray Witch by Eva Alton

Jun 25, 2020


Eva Alton’s Stray Witch is a must for lovers of vampire fiction! Set in the fictional town of Emberbury, Stray Witch follows Alba Andersson, who is being left by her abusive husband who, as a prominent lawyer in town, has the ability to ruin her life with the stroke of a pen. In her quest to find work to support herself and her young daughters, she is approached by vampires who tell her she’s a witch, and they want her to live with them and work for them, taking care of business they cannot in daytime. While a resident of The Cloister, she meets a fun and frightening cast of characters, most intriguing of which, for Alba, is Clarence, the handsome and witty vampire who brought her into his world and stokes feelings she has never experienced before.

The beautiful and well-envisioned characters and settings come to life with Alton’s descriptions. The relatable and real conflict between Alba and her husband Mark is visceral and uncomfortable, as it should be. Alton has brought to life on her pages the terrifying truth of a woman trapped by the person she made the mistake of trusting. The dark, brooding Clarence is fascinating and mysterious, and readers will find themselves rooting for both him and for Alba as she gains confidence and learns to trust herself. The building tension between the two main characters, who tell the story in a shifting first person perspective, will keep you turning pages as you uncover more and more about these star-crossed admirers, as well as the beautifully developed side characters who bring a mix of comic relief, suspense, and outright terror to the tale.

I was spellbound by the mysterious and underlying conflict between the vampires and “real” witches who keep coming for Alba. The slow-burn budding romance the Alba and Clarence both fight against is engaging, satisfying, and kept me on the edge of my seat. Fun and fearless, it’s a beautiful and fresh take on vampires in a modern setting. It is a perfect read for fans of the paranormal, supernatural, and forbidden romance, and will keep you wondering about what has happened and what will happen next. I look forward to reading the continuation of their story in the sequel, Witch’s Mirror.

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Stray Witch

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