Publishing ZoomCast Overview and Video

Aug 23, 2020

On August 22, 2020, six women in writing hosted a Zoom Call to discuss their experiences in the publishing world. Two self-published authors spoke about the steps to and the pros and cons of Self-Publishing, while two more gave insight into what it’s like to work with an Indie Publisher. The final two panelists provided tips and information on pitching and querying your work through pitching parties and traditional methods. A synopsis can be found on the Bedside Book Review Blog, and the entire video is linked below:

Resources discussed in the video:

  1. Self-Publishing Platforms:
  • Amazon KDP
  • IngramSpark
  1. Pitch Party Calendar
  1. Reviews:
  1. Publishing Resources:
  •—find agent wishlists
  •—agent info
  •—info on publishers/agents to avoid
  •—Authorpreneur resources
  •—ISBN numbers
  1. Word Count guidelines:
  1. Editing Info:
  1. Marketing/Advertising tools:
  • Quickart
  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark Pro
  • BookTok (TikTok)
  • Twitter
  1. Hashtags to remember:
  • #pitmad—to find sample pitches from previous events
  • #mswl—to find agents and their wishlists
  1. Twitter Handles of panelists:
  1. Websites of Panelists:
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